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Mt. Nishi-Azuma


Starting at Tengendai Kogen, visitors can make the climb to Mt. Nishi-Azuma, part of the Azuma Mountains. These mountains are featured in the list of "100 Famous Mountains of Japan". Near the summit of the mountain exists an expansive wetlands environment with many varieties of alpine plants. This climb is recommended for both beginners and experienced hikers.

Tengendai Kogen Website (Japanese)

Trail Map

Trail Map

Sample Routes

Beginner-Friendly Route

~Hinohoe Falls Viewing Deck Course - Catch Sight of Mogami River’s headwaters!~

Admire wildflowers like Japanese gentian along this route as you pass through Pension Village to the viewing deck! You can also view a plaque that was constructed in memory of Tengendai Kogen’s past as a former mine.

  • Required Time: about 30 minutes


Tengendai Kogen Station ⇒ Pension Village ⇒ Hinohoe Falls Viewing Deck ⇒ Tengendai Kogen Station


Veteran Route

Flower Field-Ningyōishi Course

  • Required Time: about 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance covered: about 3 km


Tengendai Kogen ⇒ Hokubōdai ⇒ Kamoshika Viewing Deck ⇒ Ōkubo Flower Field ⇒ Ningyōishi Rock ⇒ Hokubōdai ⇒ Tengendai Kogen

Please refer to Tengendai Kogen's website (Japanese) for more route recommendations