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Tengendai Kogen’s Kanjiki and Snow Shoe Tour Experience!

Explore the heights! Take in the sights! Pick the footwear of your choice and get moving up in Tengendai Kogen!


Daily from 9th December 2023 (Saturday) to 25th February 2024 (Sunday)

Tour Route

About 9:40 am – Board ropeway, register at Alb Tengendai Front Desk (1F)
10:00 am – Depart for Panorama Viewing Deck and Hinohoe Falls Viewing Deck etc.
11:30 am – End of tour


Fees are inclusive of: two-way ropeway ticket, snowshoe and kanjiki rental

Adults – 3,000 yen
Elementary Schoolers – 2,500 yen

Registration Information

Please contact Alb Tengendai to sign up for the tour. Sign ups close the day before the tour begins.

TEL: 0238-55-2236

Tour activities may be adjusted depending on the weather and other factors.


Tengendai Kogen
TEL: 0238-55-2236

Shirabu Onsen Tengendai, Yonezawa-shi