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The Tengendai Ski Resort Is Open as of December 5 (Sat.)!

Thank you for your patience! The Tengendai Ski Resort is open as of December 5 (Sat.)! The Ski Resort will be holding many events this year as well, so please take a look below.

• Winter Mountain Safety Prayer Festival
Time: December 4 (Fri.), starting at 10:00
Location: Tengendai

* The ski slopes will open after the commencement of the festival!
* A special fee on the ropeway/lifts during the day of the festival only!

• Winter Sports First-Timers Campaign
Time: Every day from the opening of the Ski Resort until December 18 (Fri.)

* Every visitor who is skiing or snowboarding for the first time will receive a present! The Resort will be giving a 20% off coupon valid for the next ski/snowboarding session to first-timers at Yumoto Station (where the ropeway is located).

• Tengendai Kogen Snowshoe Tour
Time: Every day during December 12 (Sat.) – February 28 (Sun.)

* Participants in this tour will go to an elevation of 1350 meters! Visitors can trek the snow fields of Tengendai in snowshoes and enjoy the panoramic view of Yamagata’s Five Famous Mountains and Yonezawa Basin.

• New Year Countdown and a Visit to Tengendai Shrine
Time: December 31 (Thurs.) (Participation is free!)

A countdown celebration for those staying the night at a lodging near Ropeway Tengendai Kogen Station. Participants who visit Tengendai Shrine will be provided with sake and tama konnyaku, and a talisman lottery drawing will be held.

• New Year Celebration Event
Time: January 1 (Fri., holiday) – January 3 (Sun.)
(Participation is free!)

Visitors can enjoy mochi pounding and a treasure hunt at this event. Tama konnyaku and local specialties will be available for guests to eat as well! Additionally, lucky bags (fukubukuro) filled with quality Yonezawa products will be available for purchase at Yumoto Station.

• Introducing Snow Tractor Tours!
Time: January – February, every Saturday and Sunday
Saturday nights (besides January 2): Azuma Snow Monster Night Tour
Sunday mornings (besides January 3): Powder Run! Tsugamori Eastern Wall Area Tour


Tengendai Kogen
Shirabu Onsen Tengendai, Yonezawa-shi
Phone number: 0238-55-2236

* For more information, please visit the Tengendai official website (Japanese)
* Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, contents may be subject to change, and entry restrictions may be put in place