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Tengendai Kogen’s Frost Covered Trees Viewing Lift Hike Begins Soon!

Catch a scenic view of Mt. Azuma’s very own version of Zao’s snow monsters, known as the Tooth Brush Trees Covered in Frost! On this guided tour, a winter wonderland awaits! Join now while spots last!

Tour Dates (2024)

21st January (Sunday)
28th January (Sunday)
3rd February (Saturday)

Tour Guide

Mt. Nishi-Azuma Guide Club, Tengendai Kogen staff

Participation Fee

4,500 yen per pax per entry

* Fee covers: guide fee, ropeway and lift fees, insurance, and piping hot imoni soup to keep you warm!
* Rental equipment is also available!

Hiking jackets: 4,500 yen

Snowshoes: 1,500 yen

Kanjiki and trekking pole: 500 yen


Please sign up for the tours by calling Tengendai Kogen at TEL: 0238-55-2236.

Sign ups close at 4:00 pm, 3 days before each tour begins.

Participant limit: 20 (Minimum of 5 participants required)

For more information on the course and things to bring, check here (Japanese)


Tengendai Kogen
TEL: 0238-55-2236

Shirabu Onsen Tengendai, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata